Transaction Types

Transaction Types

There are several transaction types in Emdecs, often referred to with an abbreviation. it's useful to know what these mean as you'll see them on a few pages, including Inventory transaction (Forms) and Inventory Audit.

These transaction types include:
WO: Work order parts inventory transfer.
RCV: Inventory receiving.
ADJ: Inventory adjustment.
TRN: Inventory transfer from warehouse.
TRS: In-transit warehouse transfer.
TRN ADJ: Inventory transit adjustment.
PC: Physical count inventory adjustment.
TIRE: Tire transaction.
CS: Counter Sales.
CONS: Consignment transactions.
FAB: Onhands that were created from the fabrication module.
Other: Average cost updated by using Cost by Warehouse menu.
CS REV: CS part that is issued and returned.
WO REV: WO part that is issued and returned.
Invoice: When price of an item received defers from price on PO.

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