Repair Order Unit Reading Error

Repair Order Unit Reading Error


When entering unit readings or changing the date where unit readings are auto-populated in a repair order, you may run into an error that looks something like this

This error occurs because the odometer reading that is filled in here has been inputted as the reading on this date, regardless of the RO still being open.
An important screen to take note of before making adjustments is the Unit Readings screen for this unit. This can be found by click on the unit number in the RO, and navigating to the Readings tab


In order to adjust the date follow these simple steps:
  1. Completely blank out the reading field
  2. Make your date adjustment
  3. Enter a unit reading that meets the following criteria 
    1. The reading should be higher than any reading with a date prior to this RO date
    2. The reading should be lower than any reading with a date following this RO date
Note: When entering machine or engine hours, keep in mind that the system will only allow a maximum of 24 per day based on the date for the previous hours entered.
This can be adjusted by navigating to the Fleet -> Unit Master -> Unit # -> Readings -> "Max Per Day" tab and increasing the maximum allowed hours for a unit

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