Add an Estimate to a Unit

Add an Estimate to a Unit

Repair estimates can be created from the Service Board.  To access the Service Board, open the Service menu Service Board.

Create a Repair Estimate

To create a repair estimate for a unit, click on the Estimate button on the Service Board and then click Yes to confirm.

Estimates are created just like you would create or edit a repair order.  Optional notes and reference numbers may be entered at the top, with labor in the left hand section and parts in the right hand section below.

To get started, click Add Labor.

Select the labor activity under Service Programs, MOTOR, or VMRS.

Click on the green plus next to the labor line(s) you want to add to your estimate

On the right hand side, you may edit the hourly charge and enter condition notes before clicking OK.

In the example pictured below, Steering Alignment has been added to the estimate.

If you want to include parts with the estimate, select the appropriate labor activity on the left hand side, then click on Add Parts.

Enter the part number or description and select the search result from the drop down list, or click on the magnifying glass for a pop-up search window.  When you've found the part, enter the appropriate quantity and then click Add Part.

If you need to remove a part from your estimate, click on the red X and then click on the trash bin icon to empty the trash and remove it from your issued parts list.

Click on the Print button if you want to open a PDF of the estimate for printing.  To finish the estimate, click Submit.

Estimates need to be approved, as a way of telling the EMDECS system that your customer has approved the work and it can be linked to the unit.  Click on the estimate number to review and approve your new estimate.

If your estimate is good to go, Click Approve.  If you need to make changes, click on To Be Revised.

Tech RO: Viewing an Approved Estimate as a Technician

From the technician side, when they select a unit to work on with an approved estimate, the jobs on the estimate will be listed under Work Required.

Any parts linked to the estimate will be issued automatically after the technician adds the required work to their repair order.

Remove an Approved Estimate

Approved estimates are added as Work Required to the unit. If you need to remove an approved estimate from a unit, open the Unit Master screen (Fleet Unit Master), then search for and click on the appropriate unit number. This will open the unit detail screen (shown below). From here, open the Work Required tab then click on the red X to the right of any activities on the estimate.

After clicking on a red X, click on the trash icon to permanently remove the work required.  This will remove the estimate work from the unit.

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