EMDECS System Update: Q3 2021

EMDECS System Update: Q3 2021

Please be advised that new system updates will be released on July 18th and July 25th, 2021.  No system downtime is required.

The release date and time varies based on which EMDECS database / URL you use to access the system:

Release Notes Video Overview

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Release Notes

Additional notes, bug fixes, and enhancements will be added to these release notes up to the release date.

Program Area Release Note Type
1 Fleet -> Unit Master Incorrect error message is displayed if the GL group is blank and the existing system parameter MANDATORY_GL_ACCOUNT_GROUP_WHEN_CREATING_NEW_UNITS is set to Y. A relevant error message is now displayed instead. Bug Fix
2 Financials -> Financial Manager A corporation that did not yet have accounting periods set up could not navigate through the Accounting Periods tabs of the Financial Manager screen. Bug Fix
3 Parts -> Inventory Transfer Transfers are not listed on the transfer history screen due to date range. Bug Fix
4 Parts -> Counter Sale Manager -> History Incorrect customer search caused a system error. The field is now blanked out instead. Bug Fix
5 Financial Manager -> GL Mapping -> Repair Order Selecting "Update Account" should save the Sublet Cost account values to the correct fields.   Bug Fix
6 Administration -> Corporate Setup Manager -> Repair Locations -> Assign Warehouses The list of associated parts warehouses of a repair location do not refresh when switching between locations. Bug Fix
7 Fleet -> PM Service Due PM Service Due Screen is not displaying all applicable units but the export will still provide data on these units Bug Fix
8 Financials -> AR Manager -> Customer Receipt / AR Manager   Bug fix to show the correct balance prior to finalizing in   Customer Receipt   Bug Fix
Fixed an issue where work order invoices on the first day of a month would not be included in the Profit/Loss Export report if you ran the report just for that month. Bug Fix
10 Parts -> Receive Parts Quick receiving notes disappear after entering parts   Bug Fix
11 Financials -> Financial Manager -> Bank Reconciliation -> Add new Reconcilliation If a bank reconciliation with no entries was saved, it was not displayed on the Bank Reconciliation screen. Bug Fix
12 Financials -> AR Manager -> Receipt Credits Locked the payment on the Receipt Credit and on the AP payment credit so the user cannot change it. Also uses the unapplied credit account off of the original payment or receipt.   Bug Fix
13 Parts -> Counter Sale Manager -> History Long repair location names would overlap the customer name on the Counter Sale Manager History screen. Bug Fix
14 Fleet -> Warranty The "Status" filter does not correctly filter warranties by their current status (also fixed the export on warranty audit to reflect the same filtered results).   Bug Fix
15 Finaincials -> Financial Manager Entering a hyphen in the GL Batch Search causes an error. Bug Fix
16 Financials -> Financial Manager Cosmetic fix. Removed "Export" buttons for corporations that use   McLeod integration (not applicable for McLeod users). Bug Fix
17 Standard Codes -> Customer -> Labour Contract -> Override by Facility If a override by facility contract has been used in an RO, the facility override is not available to be deleted, only de-activated.   Bug Fix
18 Reports -> Shop Management -> Outstanding Service request Outstanding Service Request Report truncates all information after line 3 from the Work Required notes Bug Fix
19 Financials -> Financial Manager -> GL Mapping tab -> Parts Receiving tab The Parts Receiving Accounts add link is incorrectly labelled "Add Surcharge Account Mappings." Bug Fix
20 Service -> Complete RO Bug fix to display the correct invoice date in Update Customer PO screen (updating the customer PO number backdates the invoice by 1 day) Bug Fix
21 Financials -> Financial Manager   In the McLeod accounting integration, if a journal was generated and then the user tried to journalize it again before McLeod had finished processing the journal, the journalized credits would not be displayed in the Financial Manager. Bug Fix
22 Parts -> AP Invoices   System error when users delete parts from the invoicing screen in AR Invoices   Bug Fix
23 Parts -> AP Invoices -> Non-Repair Bill Users are unable to void a non repair bill that has attachments. Bug Fix
24 Fleet -> History -> Repair Estimate Fixed an issue with the export of values for the Repair Estimate History, where the export could contain no records despite there being some shown in the UI. Bug Fix
25 Fleet -> Warranty -> Warranty Audit The Warranty Claim form has been updated to separate the labour costs and parts costs. Bug Fix
26 Service -> SRT Guide Bugs fix: To be able to modify the Fixed/Unit/Hr. column or Warranty Hours, or Labour hours, or Parts Amount when creating an SRT without errors appearing with existing system parameter set RENDERED_AMOUNTS_ON_SRT_GUIDE   to Y Bug Fix
27 Repair Order -> Add Labor -> History Users receive an error when adding a modified SRT from the RO History tab Bug Fix
28 Parts < order parts < Quick Receiving < Link part to CS Remove/hide the linkage capability of counter sales on the Quick Receiving screen.   Bug Fix
29 Fleet -> History -> Parts / Labor / Repair Order When filtering for a specific unit number on three history screens do not pass the Unit Owner in the search parameters so a unit can be found even if it was transferred to a new Owner. Bug Fix
30 Parts -> Order Parts POs with a mix of returns and receivings (negative and positive quantities add up to 0) do not appear on the Receive Parts screen Bug Fix
31 Fleet -> Unit Master / Corporate Setup Manager ->   Added Capacity and Sub Type to equipment detail. Allow user to create sub type in Standard code. Update Cost Per Mile report and export to display Sub Type. Equipment upload to show subtype and capacity.   New Feature
32 Fleet -> Unit Master / Corporate Setup Manager -> Equipment -> Make & Model Allow the user to create Make and Model for Body style, add an additional Make and Model entry for Body in Unit Master. This is also available in Cost per mile report and export as a selection and lookup.   New Feature
33 Administration -> Standard Codes User cannot delete empty facility rate for labor contract if mandatory fields are left empty. New Feature
34 Financial -> Financial Manager Added accounting period filter to Export Journals screen.   New Feature
35 Financial -> Financial Manager One cent rounding issue when journalizing some counter sale invoices. New Feature
36 Financial -> AP Manager For customers transitioning to using EMDECS' accounting module, we've added the ability to mass mark older invoices in the system as already paid. New Feature
37 Parts -> Inventory Transfer Make the Transit number a hyperlink New Feature
38 Fleet -> PM Inspection Manager Simplified the PM schedule setup screen. New Feature
39 Parts -> Quick Receiving -> New Part Added retail Markup and Retail Price options when creating new parts.   New Feature
40 AP Manager -> Pay Vendor Display the Delete button on a payment. If the payment is batched with a Bank Rec, or has a Payment Control or Reversal the Delete button is hidden.   New Feature
41 Administration -> User Accounts -> User Manager Allow end users to create their own usernames   New Feature
42 Parts -> Physical Count In Physical count we will have the quantity field empty by default, and once the user fills up the quantity the Count button becomes active New Feature
43 Multiple The PM Inspection History and driver Defect Report History screens now show a column for the associated inspection number. Users can also search the history based on this column. New Feature
44 Fleet -> Rental Manager Added drill-down to   Lease, Rental and Finance Lease invoices in AR History screen   New Feature
45 Financials ->   AR Manager Cannot reprint a misc invoice from the Outstanding Invoices Screen New Feature
46 Parts -> Counter Sale Manager Added a new pick list print option to the counter sale screen. New Feature
47 n/a Additional cheque formats have been added for EMDECS full accounting users. New Feature
48 Parts -> Counter Sale Manager Added optin to allow users to copy an existing counter sale into a new counter sale. New Feature
49 Fleet -> Unit Master The Import Fuel process has been enhanced. The template for uploading readings has a few new additional columns so that multiple readings per unit (e.g., both Odometer and current fuel level in liters) New Feature
50 Reports Added Rented To Customer to PM Due report New Feature
51 Service -> Complete RO Added missing GL batch field to Customer Receipt and Closed ROs New Feature
52 Service -> Complete RO Added a feature where, when adding technician work times to a labor line retroactively, these can be entered in hours and minutes instead of by giving it specific start and end times, For example, you can enter 1h and 5m rather than 1:05 PM to 2:10 PM. If you would like to use this feature, contact BrightOrder's customer experience team. New Feature
53 n/a Expanded the number of places where you can enter a part by scanning its barcode. Any parts field where a barcode icon is displayed to the left can be switched to scan mode by clicking the icon. New Feature
54 Tech RO -> Work in Progress The Work In Progress tab in the Tech RO portal has been improved to function much faster. Searches are better optimised. New Feature
55 Fleet -> Unit Master Added a new data upload feature, Import Fuel Capacity for units. New Feature
56 Reports -> Fleet -> Customer Unit Export Add a new field "Customer Code" to Customer Units Export   New Feature
57 Administration -> Employee Manager Added a Payroll ID field in the Employee Manager screen for employees.   New Feature
58 Part Receiving Added From Date in the Inventory Receiving screen, all the radio options have the From Date. New Feature
59 Fleet -> Unit Master To allow import of permits into our application in bulk.   New Feature
60 Reports -> Employees -> Technician Proficiency Report The Technician Proficiency report has been modified to show Actual Working Hours that are tied to repair orders in the Technician Proficiency report. This will mimic the repair order time sheet screen. New Feature
61 Parts -> Receive Parts -> Receiving History When receiving parts, user will have an option to check off to print labels otherwise there is only one button to Receive Parts.   New Feature
62 Reports -> Employees -> Technician Time Card The technician timecard report has been upgraded so that, if a tech has done any of the user-defined indirect activities, they are broken out from the system's hard-coded indirect activities and totaled individually. New Feature
63 Financials Kona now supports the direct transfer of Work Order and Parts Supplier invoices, including work order credits and sublet work orders, to Sage Intacct Online. New Feature
64 Reports -> Charge Out Repair -> Customer 12 Month Cost Analysis Updated the Customer 12 Month Cost Analysis report to better display   reading intervals. New Feature
65 Rental/Leasing For customers who use Kona's Rental/Lease functionality, a new reservation system has been added. It can be accessed from the Rental Manager screen. New Feature
66 Parts -> Counter Sale Manager Kona now displays a pop-up when a customer is over limit in Counter Sales and in Misc AR invoice. This happens when the user clicks the Invoice button. (works with existing system parameter CREDITLIMITCHECK) New Feature

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