Driver Defect Manager

Driver Defect Manager

How to Review Defects?

On the Manager portal, you can review defect reports by going to the Fleet menu and selecting Defect Manager.

The defect manager provides a listing of defects that have been reported. Search results can be narrowed down using the fields at the top, then click the Refresh button. The "From Date" and "To Date" fields are required.

Click the Print button to view a PDF of the driver's inspection report.

How to add VRMS codes to the DDP?

To setup the VRMS options in your DDP you must setup Truck/Trailer Inspection Reports

To do this you can go to the Fleet > Defect Manager > Setup Truck/Trailer Inspection Reports

The setup wizard will pop up with 3 stops - Task and Reason, Defects, Signatures.

After Inputting the Task and Reason you will go to Defects, where you can set up the VMRS codes.
Add new section - to create a new Icon "Body"
Add - creates drill down VMRS icons inside the "Body" icon

Going back to our DDP, you will now see "Body" and drill down further to use the added VMRS Codes.

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