Create Counter Sales (Video)

Create Counter Sales (Video)


Counter sales are used to sell parts to your customers outside of a repair order.  This article and video provide a walkthrough for how to create a new counter sale in EMDECS.

Video Walkthrough

Click on the square at the bottom right-hand corner to view the video in full screen mode.

Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Complete the following steps to create a new counter sale in EMDECS:
  1. Open the Parts menu and select Counter Sale Manager.

  2. Click on the Add New Counter Sale link.

  3. Your user's default location will be displayed in the pop-up window.  You can enter a different location in the text field, as required.  Enter a customer name.  EMDECS will search automatically.  Select the customer from the drop-down list.

  4. The top pane of the counter sale displays general information, including a counter sale number and customer, the location, sale date, and optional ship to, reference, PO #, and notes fields.  A summary of charges is displayed on the right hand side.

    If the parts are being shipped to an alternate address, click on the "Add New" hyperlink to create a ship to address that is different from the customer's address.

  5. Press select on the location you're shipping from or shipping to

  6. To add parts to the counter sale, enter a part number or part description in the part # field, then click on the matching search result.

  7. An on hand summary is displayed on the right hand ride, for reference.  Adjust the quantity, as needed, and click Add Part to add it to the list at the bottom.  In this example, I've added a part with a core. 

    Both the main part and its core have been added to the counter sale.  Repeat these steps to add additional parts to the counter sale.

  8. At any time, you can click on the Estimate button at the bottom to print a PDF of an estimate to provide to your customer, prior to invoicing.

    Estimate PDF sample:

  9. When you've finished creating your counter sale, click on the Invoice button.  A PDF of the counter sale invoice will pop up in a new window.

    Counter sale invoice sample:

  10. Back on the Counter Sale Manager screen, it is also possible to create a counter sale by selecting the Retail Parts tab.  Search for a part number and click on the Pricing or Stock Availability links for more information.  Adding parts to the order list on the right, and clicking on Create Invoice, allows you to start a new counter sale from this screen.

  11. Counter sale history can be reviewed from the History tab.  You can search by location, customer, part number, and date range.

  12. Clicking on Show Advanced Search adds additional search fields for the invoice number and PO number.

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