Complete Repairs Using the EMDECS App (Video)

Complete Repairs Using the EMDECS App (Video)

This article and video provide a walkthrough of the EMDECS mobile app for service technicians.   Our mobile app can be used by service technicians to complete repair orders using an Android mobile device (Android version 7 or higher) or an Apple mobile device with iOS version 13.0 or higher..   Mobile repair technicians will find this app especially useful when they are unable to use or connect with a traditional desktop, laptop, or tablet PC.

EMDECSApp Service Technician Walkthrough Video

EMDECSApp Step-by-Step Service Technician Walkthrough

  1. The EMDECS mobile app for service technicians can be downloaded by searching for EmdecsApp in the Google Play store. Alternatively, if you have an Apple device, search the App Store for EMDECS.

  2. After installing and launching the app, you will be prompted to sign in.   Sign in with your technician username and password (this will be the same login you use for our PC based Tech RO portal).

  3. Tap the Repair Order icon.

  4. Enter your technician / employee badge and tap GO .

  5. If you are currently clocked on an existing repair order, the repair order in progress will be displayed, as pictured below.

    The repair order number, unit information, notes, readings, and labor activities are listed on the left-hand side.   You can show or hide this list by tapping on the arrow highlighted below (1).

    A list of labor activities is displayed with clock icons (2).   The highlighted activity with the faded clock is the current activity.   Tapping on the clock icon next to a different labor activity will change the activity being worked on currently.

  6. If you were still working on a unit when you ended your last shift, you can continue from where you left off by tapping Continue at the top.

    Otherwise, tap GO next to a unit that has been assigned to you.

    If work needs to be completed on a unit that has not been assigned to you, you can search for other units using the Search field.

  7. After selecting a unit, the add work screen will open.   Tap on any clock icon to begin work on any activities listed under work required, or search for an activity in the Search field under Other Work.   You can search for other work by VMRS SYS code or type in a description.

  8. Additional labour activities can be added by clicking on the plus sign.

  9. To issue parts to the activity, click on the plus sign in the parts section.

  10. Enter the part number or description then click on the magnifying glass to search.   Adjust the quantity, as needed, then click Add .

  11. As parts are added they are listed in the parts section.

  12. Complaint, Reason, and Task codes can be entered or changed by clicking on the respective arrows.

  13. A list will pop-up to select the appropriate code.

  14. The three C notes (Complaint, Cause, and Correction) can be entered at the bottom of the screen by tapping on the arrows to expand each section..

  15. Notes may be entered in the text fields, as shown below.

  16. To switch between different labour activities, click on the arrow to display the list of labour activities.

  17. Click on the plus sign to add another labor activity.   To switch back and forth between working on different activities that are already listed, simply tap on the appropriate clock icon.

  18. Notes and readings can be entered by tapping on the fields on the left-hand side.

  19. Tapping in a reading field will allow you to type in a new reading value.

  20. Your phone's camera can be used to take photos to attach to the main repair order or to repair order activities.    Tap on a camera icon to view existing attachments or add a new photo.

  21. To add a new photo, tap on the plus.

  22. Tap Allow if prompted to allow EmdecsApp to access your photos and media files.

  23. Use your phone to take the photo.

  24. Your photo will be added as an attachment.

  25. If a PM inspection form is attached to an activity, click the Open link in the Inspection Required section.   This will launch the PM Inspection module for the repair order.

  26. A list of sections is displayed.   Tap on a section to complete it.

  27. A list of inspection items will be displayed.   Tap on an item to complete it.

  28. Using the arrows at the bottom of the screen, you can go through each inspection item that needs to be completed.   In the example pictured below, Pass or Fail need to be selected.

  29. Once each section is 1005 completed, tap Complete Inspection .

  30. Any reported defects will be listed.   If a signature is required, tap the Signature button at the bottom.

  31. Use your finger to sign then tap Accept .

  32. If defects were reported, indicate whether they have been repaired then tap sign to sign off on any defects.

  33. Example of signature requirement for defect repair:

  34. When a repair order has been fully completed, tap Ready at the bottom right-hand corner to submit the repair to a service manager for invoicing.

  35. The following buttons are available at the bottom of the screen:

    Lunch :   Clocks off all activities for lunch break.

    Pause :   Clocks off the existing job, keeps track of the accumulated time, and adds the time to the next unit / activity selected.

    End Shift :   Clocks off all activities and ends your day.

    Indirect :   Pops up a list of indirect activities (i.e. shop cleaning) to select between repairs.

    Assigned :   Displays your assigned work.

    Ready :   Sets the current repair order to unit ready and submits it to the service manager for invoicing.

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