Circle Check Manager: How to Create and Perform Circle Checks in EMDECS

Circle Check Manager: How to Create and Perform Circle Checks in EMDECS

This article will cover the use of the Circle Check Manager to create a Truck and/or Trailer check.

Circle Check Manager

Fleet-> Circle Check Manager-> Things to Do

On the left-hand side, you will see two options: Setup Truck Circle Check Inspection and Setup Trailer Circle Check Inspection. 

Unlike PM's that are created by Customer and Group, the Circle Check module can only have two inspection forms, one for Trucks and one for Trailers. This means that all Units marked as Trucks in the system will receive the exact same Circle Check. 

The purpose of the Circle Check is for Drivers or Technicians to submit an inspection that is typically performed on a daily basis when dealing with your own fleet.  Due to the frequency of how often Circle Checks can be performed, if the Unit passes the check, there is no recorded information to indicate this apart from the Circle Check Manager screen. However, if an item is Red Tagged (failed) then it will appear as Work Required on the Unit. 

If a Unit does not have a make or model specified, the Circle Check will default to using the Truck Circle Check. 

Creating a Circle Check

These steps are the same regardless of whether you're creating a Truck or Trailer Circle Check. 

      1. Select the appropriate Hyperlink under Things to Do for the type of check you'd like to create. A Wizard will open, set your Task and Reason from the drop down list

Press Next when ready

Task codes can be controlled under Administration -> Standard Codes -> Repair Order -> Type
Reason codes can be controlled under Administration -> Standard Codes -> Repair Order-> Correction/Task

2.  List all items you would like checked routinely for Defects here. Any that are already part of the inspection will be displayed by the main header. Click on the Arrow to the left of the number to expand the selection and see all attached VMRS codes 

To Add Another Section to the Inspection Report 

a) Select Add New Section , a box will pop-up. Enter the description (or main header) here

b) Select Add  under the appropriate section for where you would like to add the item

c) Select the VMRS Code that the item will be tied to and press the Green Plus Sign to bring it to the right-hand side. You can add multiple VMRS codes at a time and even edit the description of the task. 

Press  Add  when ready

d)  the VMRS Codes will now appear on the Inspection list

Press  Next when ready

3.  There is the option to add Signature Requirements to the inspection list. Press Add to create a Signature Label.    Select from the drop-down list when you would like the Signature to be attached to the Inspection Form.

The Signature Label is a blank text field where anything alphanumeric can be entered.   You can add as many signatures at each instance as you would like depending on your approval levels within your corporation. 

When ready, press Activate Inspection

Attaching the Inspection to a Unit

To attach the inspection to a Unit, go to Fleet-> Unit Master -> Select Unit -> More Info

In the top Right-Hand panel is where the Make and Model for the Unit can be set. Press on the Hyperlink to open the Selection Box

You can use the Magnifying Glass to look at the Makes and Models already entered into the system. Alternatively, you can use the Green Plus Sign to create a new one. Press  Select  when you have found the correct one. 

This screen does not differentiate between Make Types

Using Standard Codes to Control Makes & Models

Makes and Models are found under Administration -> Standard Codes -> Equipment -> Make & Model

There are 5 Radials to denote Make Type. Select the appropriate type to display the corresponding Makes . Press on the Make to display the associated Models

Performing the Circle Check

This action can only be performed by a Technician or Driver using the EMDECS App. 

This Tutorial is performed using the Android Version of the App

Type in the Unit or Customer and Press on the Search function to bring up a list 

Press Go to select Unit, a ll parts of the inspection will be displayed on the next screen. 

Green Tagging a Unit

Selecting Green Tag will finish the Inspection Immediately and any signatures that were added to the inspection will pop 

Be sure to update mileage in top right corner before selecting either "tags"

Press Accept and Submit when done. 

Red Tagging a Unit

When you Select Red Tag, the screen will change to one that shows a Slider Bar. Tap on this bar to Fail an item and for the Notes field to appear. 

When all desired lines have been filled out, select Done .


if any signatures were added to the inspection, they would appear.

Press Accept and Submit  

Viewing Completed Circle Checks

Fleet-> Circle Check Manager 

The Date Range on this page is automatically set at one week and the default view is for All Inspection Statuses . Make any required changes and press Refresh to populate the return on the screen

The right-hand side columns show whether any Defects were reported or repaired. To view the inspection, press the Print button. 

If a Defect was Reported

If a Defect was reported on the Unit, it will appear in two spots: 

Fleet-> Unit Master-> Search Unit-> More Info -> Work Required

The Work Required tab shows that this is from a failed Circle Inspection, as well as who performed the Check and when.

Services-> Service Board

The Unit will appear on the Service Board with " Circle " under the Work Required column , to show that the work comes from a failed inspection. 

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