Checking-In or Scheduling a vehicle to the Service Board

Checking-In or Scheduling a vehicle to the Service Board

Checking-In or Scheduling a vehicle to the Service Board

When logged in with an EMDECS Manager login you can check-in a vehicle to the EMDECS Service Board. This essentially tells the system a customer or internal vehicle is ready to be worked on and/or assigned to a technician.

The steps to check-in a vehicle are as follows,
1. Service > Service Board

2. Select Check-In or Schedule

3. Search and Select Unit and then click Next

4. Add Work Required and select Service Program or VMRS and click Next

5. Drag and drop the technician that will be working on the unit and click Submit

Once a Unit is checked in or scheduled, the technician assigned to the unit can log in using their TechRO login and clock onto the unit.
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